Every second, 54 ink cartridges are produced and used worldwide – that’s 1.1 billion cartridges a year. This makes ink cartridges one of the most widely used consumables in the world.

Recycling printer cartridges: what the law says

France and the European Union have established legislative guidelines for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), including ink cartridges and toners. In accordance with these laws, producers (manufacturers, importers or national distributors) of these products have extended obligations as Responsables de la Fin de Vie des Produits (REP). Their responsibility involves organizing the collection and treatment of waste generated by their end-of-life products.

A dust removal system for reusing ink cartridges

We have designed a system specially adapted to ionizing dust removal from printer cartridges. This method of neutralizing electrostatic charges, combined with dust removal, guarantees effective elimination of all particles and other dust, enabling toners to be fully reused. Only ionization prevents particles from sticking together, ensuring complete cartridge dedusting.

Our antistatic equipment for industry:

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