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The detection of plastic fragments by X-ray technology systems depends on several factors:

– The density of the plastic
– Its thickness
– The density of the product
– Its height
– Its packaging

The hardness, colour and appearance of the plastic have no influence on detection, only its chemical composition makes the plastic more or less detectable.

It should be pointed out that the term plastic includes everything that is not glass or metal. For this reason, it is impossible to establish a standard sensitivity grid without testing beforehand.

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For years, the test of the glass of water has been circulating, if the desired plastic floats it is not detectable, if it sinks.
It is detectable, that conclusion is wrong. The density or density of water is 997 kg/m³, one can only infer that the foreign body has a lower or higher density than water. As mentioned above, the density, height, and packaging of the product will determine the detection limit.

Example: for the same plastic fragment, it will be detectable in a cardboard box of dehydrated mash and not in a can of pâté. Conversely, a plastic that is not detectable but large will result in an image of no product and will become detectable.

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