Service PQC – RADIOPROTECTION Use of X-ray inspection systems and Competent Person in Radiation Protection (PCR)

CRP: What is it?

It is a legal obligation since 1986, each establishment wishing to hold, use or handle sources of ionizing radiation must first appoint a Competent Person in Radiation Protection (CRP) – Article R4456 of the Labour Code. After specific training, periodically renewed, provided by the regulations, the PCR is responsible, under the responsibility of the employer, for the safety of workers and the public exposed to ionizing radiation.

This means that the rental of RX inspection equipment remains exceptional. By entrusting us with your products to be inspected, not only do you have the guarantee of an inspection carried out in accordance with established procedures, but also in a very short time frame so that you can dispose of them quickly.

ELCOWA, 25 years of experience in the search for foreign bodies or defects has a fully dedicated control centre in Mulhouse to help you quickly manage this type of crisis. Leader in Europe in this field, do not hesitate to contact us for any information, advice, free tests, estimates or controls.

ELCOWA, your partner for quick checks!