In agri-food products

Do you have a doubt, a contamination, a customer complaint about fragments of bricks, tiles or earthenware? Wondering where this type of foreign body could come from?

We can confirm that this type of pollution is quite common. It can come from building materials from your own factory following maintenance work, damage or more rarely by malicious acts.

Another source of contamination, raw materials such as vegetables, fruits, condiments, cereals or dried fruits are often impacted at harvest time. Some products are sorted, dried, shelled and treated on the ground in so-called “low-cost” countries.

We have the solution! With the help of our X-ray technology equipment and our selected and experienced staff, we can provide you with all the control guarantees you need to put your products back on the market.

Even if mechanical techniques exist to eliminate them by de-stoning, colorimetric or visual sorting, a 100% elimination of this type of foreign bodies is not always possible.

As the density of bricks, earthenware or tiles is close to that of glass, we can obtain good detection sensitivities in compliance with consumer protection.

ELCOWA, 25 years of experience in the search for foreign bodies or defects has a fully dedicated control centre in Mulhouse to help you quickly manage this type of crisis. Leader in Europe in this field, do not hesitate to contact us for any information, advice, free tests, estimates or controls.

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Detecting fragments of brick, earthenware or tiles is possible!