Several years ago, we developed a protocol for car manufacturers called ADACSPPI or Analysis of the Conductive Agent Dispersion on the Surface of Plastic Injection Parts.


Currently, the means used to paint a vehicle body and its accessories is electrostatic paint.

An electrostatic field is created by creating a direct voltage between the grounded part and the spray gun. Paint particles charged with the same polarity move from the spray gun to the workpiece, collide with each other and are deposited evenly on the workpiece.

This works for all electrically conductive parts.


It is necessary to add in the material a conductive agent such as graphite or to coat the part with a conductive primer, but this represents an operation and an additional financial cost.

In case of absence or poor distribution, there is a risk of “orange peel effect”.

Non-quality has a cost and the manufacturer must know with certainty the quality of the part before painting.


  1. Measurement of surface resistivity

The principle consists in measuring the electrical resistance on the surface of the part.

The method:

  • Cleaning of the part
  • Create 2 electrodes of conductive paint (e.g. silver) on a flat surface of the workpiece.
  • Determining surface resistance using a mega-ohmmeter


  1. Volume resistivity measurement

  The principle consists in measuring the volume resistance of the part


  • Making a cold break
  • Apply a conductive paint (e.g. silver) at each end.
  • Measure the resistance between the 2 newly created points using a mega-ohmmeter.


Our solution is the measurement of electrical conductivity in order to be able to measure the ability of a material to conduct electrical charges.

Characteristic of the measurement:

  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Measurement without modification of the part
  • Repetitive measurement
  • Direct display of workpiece conductivity in %

We propose you 2 options:

  • The acquisition of the equipment

The equipment includes:a generator, a probe, a stand and a hygrometer thermometer.

  • Measurement service in our Laboratory

This includes: start-up fee, handling fee, measuring point

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.