For boards, chipboard, chipboard, osb, plywood, logs, bolts, logs, trunks, pellets, planings, sawdust, shavings, chips or grindings.

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With our online detectors you are guaranteed to protect your production tools against damage caused by metal contaminated products and to produce quality finished products. MESUTRONIC devices reliably detect all metals (steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, etc… ) whether inclusions or individual parts. Small metal particles such as shot pellets, chainsaw blades, shrapnel are detected correctly and reliably in large diameter tree trunks even at high conveyor speeds.

Depending on your profession, your working configuration and our wide range of detection devices, we are able to provide you with the metal detector best suited to your needs (integration on conveyor belts, slides or vibrating lanes). This equipment effectively protects your blades, avoiding financial costs induced by damaged equipment and production stoppages.


The closed or divisible tunnel metal detectors type METRON-C and METRON-D are perfectly suited for large product heights such as logs, logs or bolts. They are the ideal protection for your shredder, chipper or granulator. The octagonal opening of the detector type METRON-CO optimally adapts to the trough-shaped conveyor belt trough and thus allows an efficient integration.

Le détecteur à tunnel fermé pour contrôler les produits de grandes hauteurs comme les grumes, billes ou billons

Le détecteur sécable pour la protection des broyeurs

Boucle de détection d‘éclats et fragments métalliques, protection des lames de scies


For vibrating conveyors, type METRON-VT sensors can be quickly and easily integrated into the various existing models. The device is manufactured according to the shape of the existing vibrating conveyor belt. They do not require any other metal-free area. The low installation costs relieve your investment budget without sacrificing quality.

The ideal detector for conveyor belts


QUICKTRON-A metal separators control chips, planings or sawdust in free fall. Fully automatic and without interrupting production, they remove even small metal contaminations from the product flow.

System for detection and separation of metals in granules, sawdust, shavings or chips


The or a tunnel metal detector is not always necessary, e.g. for low product heights, the detectors type METRON-S and METRON-U are a good alternative. They are single-plate detectors, so-called strip coil detectors, which are economical and do not require strip removal, making them easy to install.

The right detector for thin products

METRON ProfiLine

The METRON ProfiLine multi-segment sensor has been specially designed for the monitoring of chipboard or particle boards. The segmented design guarantees constant detection accuracy, even for very wide products. The position of the contamination, be it an inclusion or a single particle, is confirmed by a segment signal lamp.

METRON ProfiLine
The multi-segment metal detector for the inspection of chipboard or particleboard


All our detectors are available in different sizes to optimize the detection sensitivity, they can be easily installed on your existing lines or combined with our dedicated TRANSTRON-HL conveyor systems.

Heavy duty conveyor


Analog/digital “economy” version or digital “high end” version with graphic display and 4-button control.

Our equipment guarantees a total protection of your production!