In the agri-food, meat, wood, plastic, textile and pharmaceutical industries

ELCOWA s.a in collaboration with MESUTRONIC offers a complete range of metal particle detectors adapted to your packaged, bulk, liquid or semi-pasty products. These devices are able to detect ferrous, non-ferrous metals and stainless steels, proposed in stainless steel 304 finish or painted aluminium. They are available in different configurations (Conveyor, gravity or piping).

The new reference in terms of performance!
The analysis system “imagePHASE” visualizes your product and ensures metal detection with high accuracy and the best operational reliability.

  • Multi Frequency
  • Impressive ease of use
  • Minimal space requirement (reduced metal-free zone) thanks to mesuCAGE technology
  • Quality control according to HACCP, IFS, BRC, SQF regulations
  • Ejection by cylinder, blower or rocker

All our detectors are available in several sizes to optimize the detection sensitivity, they can be easily installed on your existing lines or be associated with our dedicated conveyor systems.

Take advantage of our many years of experience to protect your lines, your products, your customers!

 Agri-food industries
Metal detectors and separators

Meat processing industry, metal detectors and separators

Pharmaceutical Industries
Metal detectors and separators

Plastics Industries
Metal detectors and separators

Textile Industries
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Wood Industries
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