PQC Service – Analysis of non-conformities

In agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Non-conforming products are those that we have rejected following our controls. Unless authorised, this task is reserved for the customer requesting our service. They are more accustomed to inspecting their products and have sieving and filtering equipment and research experience that we cannot match.

Non-conforming products leave at the end of the controls with the carrier but can also be sent daily to be analysed as soon as possible in order to decide on a blocking situation. We can nevertheless provide a complementary and valuable offer because we have a range of equipment of different technologies which, when combined, allow us to isolate foreign bodies precisely, more easily and quickly, or to identify possible false positives such as metal inclusions found in glass or recycled cardboard for example.

This complementary service of control can be carried out in the presence of the client, the insurers of the different parties and a bailiff to establish or not the damage. It is common for finished products to contain foreign bodies that are already present in the raw materials, but after inspection of the raw material and detection of foreign bodies, it remains to be proven that they are of the same nature.

Our partner CRITT Matériaux is able to make this comparison, which is also recommended in the event of a consumer complaint.

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ELCOWA, 25 years of experience in the search for foreign bodies or defects has a fully dedicated control centre in Mulhouse to help you quickly manage this type of crisis. Leader in Europe in this field, do not hesitate to contact us for any information, advice, free tests, quotation or controls.

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