SERVICE PQC (Product Quality Control)

Created in 1965, ELCOWA is a human-sized company, listening to its customers. Our long experience enables us to meet the needs of all sizes of companies, including the largest industrial groups. Specialist in food safety, supplier of metal particle detectors, X-ray inspection systems, weighing equipment and leader in Europe for the re-inspection of food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or toys.

Located in Mulhouse, close to its European customers (France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland and Lithuania), our centre dedicated to inspection is equipped with all the equipment capable of responding favourably to the applications entrusted to it. We are equipped with visual or automatic X-ray technology systems, standard magnetic field (DPM), as well as an Aimascan, equipment capable of detecting magnetic metal fragments in aluminised or pure aluminium packaging.

With a storage capacity of 750 pallets and unequalled reactivity, we have been checking our customers’ products with the utmost rigour for more than 25 years before putting them on the market. We are also equipped with shrink-wrappers, banding machines and no packaging can resist us in order to guarantee identical repalletising.

Since the creation of the contract inspection activity, we have handled several thousand requests, often recurrent, one-off and sometimes unique. These years of experience enable us to offer you the best solutions for the control of your products in terms of quality, detection threshold but also with an unparalleled reaction time. Our very strict procedures are perfectly adapted to the rigour and the stakes of the mission entrusted to us.

At the end or during the controls, the rejected products can be sent by express delivery for analysis by your services. Within the framework of a responsible third party (Supplier for example), the inspection of rejected products can be carried out in real time in Mulhouse in the presence of bailiffs or experts.

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25 years of experience in the search for foreign bodies and detection of defects