Trays are widely used in the food industry to preserve a variety of products. Easy to store and lightweight, they offer considerable advantages in terms of both quality and logistics.

Good tray sealing guarantees product quality

When filling trays with breaded products (fish, chicken, vegetable patties), bakery products (seeded bread, burger buns), cookies or other delicatessen products, impurities such as crumbs, breading residues or seeds can find their way onto the tray sealing surface (or rim).

These elements can considerably complicate the tray sealing process, compromising the quality of the finished product. Poor sealing can render the product unfit for consumption, necessitating its disposal to protect consumer health. This results in loss of product, and consequently high production costs.

Our dedusting solution for tray-packed products

To solve this problem, we have developed a dust removal unit combining ionization and suction. The elimination of electrostatic charges, responsible for the sticking of certain impurities, facilitates suction and removal of these impurities. Custom-built, this equipment is placed above the work surface, just before the sealing stage, to guarantee a high level of quality.

Example of a customer application

Customized antistatic equipment designed and manufactured in France

Our dust collectors, as well as our entire range of antistatic equipment, are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France. We support each and every one of our customers by proposing solutions perfectly adapted to their production tools and the specific constraints of their activity. In this way, we help our partners to significantly improve their quality levels and optimize their processes.

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