Detection of foreign bodies in the agri-food industry

ELCOWA s.a. offers a wide range of X-ray systems to ensure the safety and integrity of bulk, liquid, semi-pasty or packaged food products. These in-line inspection equipment reduce the risk of product recalls, preserve brand reputation and protect consumers from dangerous contaminants or other non-compliant foods.

Investing in X-ray technology inspection equipment also makes it easier for food manufacturers to comply with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards, such as:British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Safety Standard (GFS) International Food Standard (IFS) Safe Quality Food (SQF) Code 2000 Foundation for Food Safety Certification (FSSC) 22000

ELCOWA solutions offer exceptional detection sensitivity for the following dense contaminants, regardless of size, shape or location within a wide variety of products:

Glass shards (including glass contaminants in glass containers)
Metal fragments (including metal in metallized film or aluminum foil)
Mineral stones
Some plastics and rubbers
Calcified bones

In addition to ensuring food safety, these systems are a highly effective tool for ensuring customer satisfaction. Indeed, by allowing manufacturers to inspect the inside of packages, they increase productivity by performing the following quality controls on the line:

Fill level inspection – Mass measurement – Seal inspection – Component counting

In addition, metal packaging (metallized film or aluminum foil) and variations in product temperature and moisture content do not affect contaminant detection sensitivity. We offer solutions for inspecting products in the following types of packaging:

Unpackaged, bulk, large rigid containers (including glass, metal and ceramic containers), plastic containers, cartons, crates, boxes, pouches, bags, trays and tubes.

Hygienic design

We are well aware that the hygienic design of X-ray inspection systems is fundamental to eliminating the risk of the occurrence and spread of biological contamination in food processing plants. Therefore, all of our systems are easy to clean and meet international guidelines for hygienic design. They come standard with IP65 protection to meet the most important sanitary requirements and IP69K as an option for use in environments subject to intensive washing.

Our applications cover the following segments:

Prepared dishes, bakery, dairy, fruits and vegetables, condiments, fish and seafood, snacks, cereals and seeds, confectionery, baby food, meat, poultry, pet food, beverages, pharmaceutical products, mechanical parts.

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Cereals and seeds



Dairy products

Seafood products

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Children’s products (Babyfood)


Prepared dishes

Red meats



Pharmaceutical products

Mechanical industries

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