PREVENTIVE INSPECTION: the right reflex !


Do as many of our industrial and craft customers do, test the quality of your finished products, improve your performance and thus avoid deviations from the expectations of your retail customers and their consumers.

When to use our services?

– Final quality control of your products

– Validation of new product or packaging suppliers (glassmakers, etc.)

– New product launches, product testing

– Export requirements (e.g. Japan)

– Development partnership with a new customer

– Evaluation of your inspection equipment (obsolescence, performance research and validation,…)

– Customer recommendations

– Sampling

– Control of maintenance operations

– Installation of new machines

– Renewal of production teams

– New production and packaging lines

The most frequent checks and analyses performed by us are

– Search for any foreign material

– Defects or absence of ink jet, instructions, plastic pods, labels, etc.

– Detection of missing products

– Cross-contamination, capsules, tablets

– Missing or bad seals

– Glass defects, boils, grainy bottles, weaknesses, glazes

– Broken, leaking, dented, damaged products

– Non-conforming or non-executed fillings

– Compliance with TU1/TU2, underweight/overweight

CONSUMER’s point of view:
how to better control the impact?

Did you know that on average, for each complaint, ten customers are dissatisfied, whereas only one in ten expresses themselves by mail, telephone or e-mail? (source LSA)

Each solution proposed is made to measure, studied with and for our industrial and craft customers

This concerns all packaged food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.