For the agri-food industry

ELCOWA’s LS 4500 high-speed automatic weighing and labelling machines are specially developed for industrial environments and for productions requiring automatic weight/price labelling. They can be installed on the production line (often after packaging) and can be integrated into the customer’s information systems.

The LS 4500 range allows to weigh and print labels at high speed (up to 200ppm). These will be automatically positioned on the products.

The LS 4500 can label up to 140 packages per minute with fixed or variable information (weight, price) without stopping the production line. The LS 4500 print head is of very high resolution allowing high precision printing, the realization of logos and the use of all fonts.

The universal modular design of the frame of these units is made of 304 stainless steel and offers great versatility and adaptability. This dynamic unit can be integrated into a complete line including other equipment such as a conveyor, ejector, deflector, aligner, metal detector or X-ray inspection system, already offered by ELCOWA.

Installed directly at the end of the production line, this weighing and labelling unit will be able to compose batches and/or pallets and will communicate directly with your PC or network via Ethernet or RS 232.

Thanks to the integrated software DIS and DLD, it will be possible to configure all the elements that make up the equipment and there will be the possibility to design the labels graphically.

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