About us …

Solutions for all fields of industry

A world renowned expertise

Over 50 years of experience

Founded in 1965, ELCOWA has demonstrated over the years an internationally recognized know-how in the following sectors of activity:

  • Manufacturer of antistatic equipment and custom-made ionizing dust removal systems.

We manufacture ionizing and dedusting dust removal systems. Our antistatic equipment is innovative, patented and made to measure.

  • Metal detection, foreign body detection and weighing.

Metal détection (Fe, non Fe, stainless steel)

Search for foreign bodies by X-ray machine (stones, glass, bones, etc.)

Weighing and checkweighing (underweight and overweight control, legal metrology, etc.)

  • Quality control

Re-inspection of manufactured products, detection of foreign bodies, preventive and curative analysis, search for defects, weight verification, co-packing, etc.

Elcowa it is also:

30 Staff members

2 Subsidiaries (Germany et Morocco)

Distribution in 35 countries

Our activities

Manufacturer of antistatic equipment
Batch re-checking, PQC (Product Quality Control) department
Specialist in metal detection, in-line X-ray and weighing