Meat is one of the most widely consumed foods in France. The average French person consumes 89kg a year. This highly consumed product needs to be rigorously controlled.

Meat is highly exposed to the risk of metallic contamination

In meat processing plants, each piece of meat goes through several stages: cutting, mixing with other ingredients, cooking. This process exposes the product to the risk of metallic contamination, whether from butcher’s utensils or machine parts, among other things.

The consequences can be severe for the company, leading to product recalls, reputational damage and significant financial losses. What’s more, consumers themselves can suffer serious health consequences if the final product is contaminated.

Efficiently detect the presence of metallic foreign bodies in meat

We offer a wide range of metal detectors adapted to the strict regulations of the food industry. This equipment is fully adaptable to your products and production lines.

What’s more, our Meatline detector is specially designed for metal detection of pasty products in cured meats (sausages, blood sausages, etc.). Fully mobile, it can be connected to a pusher outlet.

All our metal detectors are capable of detecting the slightest metal particle, guaranteeing effective prevention of potential hazards.

Our metal detectors for the food industry:

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