Liquid / semi-pasty products

Precision measurement for industry

A mass measurement using a 4-cell solution guarantees accuracy and precision, regardless of where the load is on the weighing pan.

RADWAG 4-cell scales ensure precise and fast measurement, even under harsh industrial conditions.

The 4-cell range includes a wide variety of design solutions. Some models differ from others in terms of:

  • Presentation (stainless steel or powder-coated steel)
  • Lines available (floor-mounted version, pit version, version with opening weighing pan, ramp scale, pallet scale)


The automatic rotary scale is designed for working in technological lines helping to produce goods that are placed in cylindrical containers, e.g. aerosols, spray cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.

The ordering system was developed on the basis of the Windows Embedded computer system and SQL Server database module. The industrial computer is designed for work under difficult conditions. The cooperation with the special version of Windows system makes the scale stable and allows to keep suitable parameters. The graphical panel ensures intuitive operation of the scale. This weighing unit does not have its own conveyor belt but is mounted on top of an existing conveyor belt. This makes a scale installation shorter and easier. The DWR automatic scale is also equipped with a pneumatic control which guarantees the reliability of the scale.