France is the country that has developed the most cheese specialties, with different tastes, textures and colors. These have become firmly rooted in customs and traditions. In fact, France boasts over 400 different varieties of cheese. Today, there are more than 3200 crèmeries fromageries on French soil.

Weighing and labelling

Accurate weighing and labeling of cheese products is crucial. Regulatory compliance and traceability are essential. These steps can be long and tedious, especially if carried out manually. The use of an automatic weighing and labelling machine saves time and ensures that this critical stage runs smoothly.

Our solution

Elcowa’s high-speed LS 4500 weighs and prints labels at high speed. The labels are automatically positioned on the products.

  • Labeling can be top, bottom, side, front, back or corner.
  • Up to 200 packs per minute
  • High printing precision (logo and all fonts)
  • Stainless steel
  • Adaptability to all production lines and universal chassis

In stock, we guarantee fast delivery and on-site installation.

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