Thousands, if not millions of pallets are used every day around the world to transport products in various sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, distribution, e-commerce and many others.

The stretch wrapping machine

Wrapping machines are used to wrap pallets in an automated or semi-automated way. This operation consists in applying a thin plastic film around the products on the pallet, in order to facilitate their handling. This process is particularly adapted to activities requiring large production volumes.

Static electricity issues

Static electricity can cause many issues in the pallet wrapping process.

  • Attraction of dust and debris
  • Difficulties in unwinding the film
  • Increased risk of electrostatic shock

All of these elements can significantly affect your productivity.

Our solutions

  • The ECOBLOWER 351-C ionized air blower positioned at the unwinding of the plastic film is designed to neutralize electrostatic charges.
ionizing blower

  • Our antistatic bars positioned at the unwinding of the film emit positive and negative ions that neutralize the electrostatic fields disturbing your production processes.

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