The companies of plastic industry are often confronted with issues related to contamination of plastic granules or shreds by dust or residues. To optimize your production processes, we offer you our solution.

Dust and contamination

Any object made of plastic is obtained by melting recycled or non-recycled plastic granules. The granules are heated to about 350° until a thick liquid is obtained. This liquid is then injected into molds to form the desired object.

With a lot of handling, plastic pellets can be contaminated with a lot of residues such as dust which can lead to difficulties in processing the materials and rejects due to non-conformity in the manufacturing process.

Source: Usine nouvelle

Our solution

The Elcowa dust collector for plastic granules or shredded plastic allows you to effectively remove all impurities from your products. This dust collector combines three actions:

  • Ionization: neutralization of the electrostatic charge and therefore of the phenomenon of dust adhering to the material.
  • Mechanical: ramp systems that create quasi-laminar flows allowing to capture the particles by separating them. The system can be configured according to the material, the flow rate and the degree of dust removal required.
  • Suction by a filtering suction system: removal of harmful particles (dust, etc.).

This system is adapted to your problem and your production tools. We offer you fully customized solutions.

Optimize your manufacturing processes with Elcowa.