Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to product recalls. In this article, we present our solutions to help you avoid these inconveniences.

Product recalls: a matter of national security

France rigorously manages product recalls in the interests of consumer safety. The government’s “Rappel Conso” website lists all recalled products that may present a definite danger to consumers.

These product recalls may be due to the presence of foreign bodies in the products, or to non-compliance.

These situations can generate significant costs for companies and compromise their reputation. What’s more, the health consequences for consumers can be considerable.

Our reinspection service to support your quality assurance

Do you have doubts about a batch and would like to have them checked? Elcowa has been an expert in the reinspection of finished products for over 25 years.

We inspect your goods using state-of-the-art technology adapted to your products. Compliant products are repalletized identically, and non-compliant products are isolated. We’ll provide you with a detailed report.

Our very strict procedures are perfectly adapted to the rigor and stakes of the mission entrusted to us. We guarantee our customers total confidentiality.

Ensure the quality of your finished products and avoid the costs of product recalls.

Since 1965, Elcowa has been helping industries to optimize their processes.