Pallet weighing is a common and necessary task in all areas of industry.

Determine the weight of your pallets with precision

In the industry, the weight of pallets is subject to numerous standards. It is therefore essential to weigh them. The cost of transport is very often evaluated according to this weight, it must be determined with precision to avoid any unforeseen event. In short, pallet weighing is a key element in the efficient and safe management of industrial logistics flows.

Our solution

The RADWAG stable pallet scale, made of stainless steel with 4 load cells, is designed for weighing pallets. The pallet is placed on the scale by means of a fork lift or an overhead crane. The scale is equipped with moving wheels and handles, which makes it very easy to use. The scale also has a PUE C/31 scale terminal with an LCD backlit display installed on the cable. The cable is protected by an electrical conduit

– The cable that connects the terminal to the platform is up to 3 meters long

– The bi-echelon scale is available to order.

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