Wood is an exceptional material, used for thousands of years and still indispensable in our daily lives. Ecological and renewable, wood represents an obvious solution for the future of our industry.

Our forest

It is true that French forests have been the scene of many conflicts during the last century, especially during the two world wars. The fighting often caused heavy human losses and considerable material damage. Today, many trees still bear the scars of these past conflicts, with shell impacts or rifle bullets. However, most trees have survived and regenerated over time, sometimes retaining metal pieces in their trunks.

In France in 2021, the number of hunters amounted to over 1.2 million, making hunting a very popular sport throughout the country. This activity is generally practiced from October to February and 84% of the hunting is done by shooting. However, it is important to note that bullet fragments can sometimes remain embedded in tree trunks

‎ ‎‎What are the danger for the production tools of companies ?

The presence of hidden metal in wood can cause significant damage to production tools such as blades or knives. Repairing these tools can result in a significant loss of time as well as a decrease in productivity that can negatively impact a company’s revenues.

Our solution

Our METRON CO metal detector is an effective solution for detecting inclusions or loose metal pieces in tree trunks before processing them into logs.

  • Detects all metals in the form of inclusions or bulk parts.
  • Minimal space requirement (reduced metal-free zone) thanks to the
    mesuCAGE technology.
  • Very high detection accuracy, even in difficult industrial
    industrial environments.
  • A profitable investment that protects your saw.
  • More profit through less downtime.

Protect your production tools with Elcowa.