We’re delighted to have joined the French Fab community. It’s a way for us to express our values by joining a collective that shares our vision and ambitions.

What is French fab?

French fab was launched on October 2, 2017 by the French Ministry of the Economy. It embodies the companies, economic players, institutions and industrial sites located in France that recognize themselves in the desire to develop French industry.

This business community carries profound ambitions and values:

  • Accelerate the transformation of industry in France by spreading the concepts and technologies of the Industry of the Future.
  • Network the energy of French industrial players.
  • Give visibility to the players who make French industry what it is every day, and pride in belonging to French industrial excellence, in France and abroad.
  • Embody the prosperous future of French industry and the attractiveness of its professions, through initial and vocational training.
  • Clarify public support for industrial activities in France.

Why get involved with French Fab?

We are confident in the vitality of French industry, a major pillar of our economic fabric. It’s crucial to stimulate industrial activity in France in order to counter relocation.

We attach particular importance to working with French and local companies.

As a French designer and manufacturer of antistatic equipment for 60 years, we contribute daily to national know-how.

We contribute to increasing the international presence of French industry by exporting part of our production worldwide.

We are convinced of the crucial role of innovation and digitalization in industrial processes, and we are actively committed to moving in this direction.

All these elements correspond to the values of the French fabeurs.

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