The conveyor belt is one of the most important elements on a production line. It enables loads to be easily transported from point A to point B.

When should you replace your conveyor belts?

There are many signs that your conveyor belt needs replacing. Paying attention to these signs is essential to keep your production line running smoothly.

Visible wear: Regular examination of the belt is crucial. If tears, cracks or holes are visible, it’s likely that wear has reached a critical level, necessitating replacement of the conveyor belt.

Belt deformation or tension: Anomalies such as belt deformation or uneven tension can affect conveyor alignment. Incorrect alignment can lead to malfunctions and interruptions on the production line.

Unusual noises: Be alert to any abnormal noises emitted by the conveyor belt. Squeaks, rattles or excessive friction.

Layer delamination: If the various layers making up the belt become detached, this compromises the structural integrity of the conveyor belt. Layer delamination often requires immediate replacement to avoid major failure.

Tension problems: Sections that are too tight or too loose need to be closely monitored. Incorrect tension can lead to premature wear and affect overall belt performance.

Why replace conveyor belts?

In certain industries, such as food processing, compliance with strict hygiene standards is essential to maintain efficient production. In this context, maintaining an optimal production tool is of crucial importance. Generally speaking, damaged conveyor belts can have a significant impact on the entire production process, leading to unexpected delays and stoppages. Regular checks on the condition of these belts are essential to ensure the continuity and reliability of the production chain.

Our solution

We offer you a wide range of conveyor belts specially designed to meet the specific requirements of your business sector, be it food processing, chemicals, wood, and many others. Made in Europe, our belts are distinguished by their sturdiness, giving you the confidence to face the future with peace of mind.

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