Thermoformed trays are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and automotive industries. They guarantee the safe transport of goods, minimizing losses due to breakage. They also facilitate the various handling stages.

Why remove dust particles from thermoformed trays?

Dust removal from thermoformed trays is of vital importance. It contributes to :

  • Maintain high hygiene standards
  • Guarantee product quality
  • Extend tray life
  • Present a professional image

Our solution

ECOVAC TRAYS is custom-made to guarantee complete dust removal from your thermoformed trays. It combines three inseparable actions:

  • Mechanical force to separate particles from the substrate
  • Air ionization to eliminate electrostatic attraction
  • Suction to evacuate particles, which are then captured in a filter.

Ecovac Trays can be easily integrated into your production lines, guaranteeing complete dust removal from all your thermoformed trays.

Since 1965, Elcowa has been helping industries optimize their processes.