Custom-made ionizing dedusting system for cleaning the exterior of products


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Made to measure, the ECOVAC 11 is specially designed for outdoor dusting of products.. This system is ideal for cleaning shaped parts (bottles, cans, etc.). Compact and powerful, its particularly well thought-out ergonomics allow ultra-fast series changes. It is custom-built to fit your products perfectly..

In order to carry out the external dedusting of your products, it is imperative to implement two inseparable actions :

  • Air ionization to eliminate electrostatic attraction
  • Blow tubes to separate harmful particles from the product
  • A suction for the evacuation of particles

This dust collector includes 2 antistatic bars which are placed next to the blowing tubes: these constitute the ionizing part.
A high-voltage power supply generator and a suction unit complete the system for optimal dust removal of visible and invisible particles. The extraction unit is dimensioned according to the desired working dimensions.

On the ECOVAC 11, the ionization tips are connected to the high-voltage source by a capacitive device, which limits the current to a few microamperes. This limits the current to a few microamperes. This means that these units are safe if the operator comes into contact with the live tips.



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