Maintenance kit for ionizing equipment


produit d'entretien elcoclean antistatique

ELCOCLEAN has a strong solvent power on mineral, vegetable and animal fats. It can be used on all metals, including titanium. It does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene or PAHs.

It is a mixture of solvents optimized to obtain a high degreasing power coupled with a high evaporation rate. It quickly removes all mineral or vegetable greases, oils, all temporary corrosion protection products, as well as printing inks used in gravure or letterpress.

It dries very quickly, reducing waiting time and leaving no residue on the treated substrates. It respects most plastics that are not sensitive to organic solvents as well as perfectly cross-linked paints.

ELCOCLEAN is a dielectric solvent, it can be used to clean electrical equipment in accordance with the regulations in force, possibly using dry and de-oiled compressed air blowing to improve the drying time.

The solvent can be used on all ionizing equipment in the range and is supplied with 4 brushes. It complies with articles 172 884 and 178.353 of the CFR21 (Code of federal Regulation food and drug Administration, US government).


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