Antistatic air knives bars


lame d'air avec barre antistatique

The Ecoflow uses the COANDA effect to drive high laminar flow rates at high speed with a very low volume of compressed air. The amplification coefficients are 25:1, which results in a 40% reduction in compressed air consumption and a 10 dB reduction in noise level compared to conventional blowing (pierced pipe, nozzle, etc.).

An antistatic bar is installed on this profile, releasing positive and negative ions carried by the air flow at a distance of up to 2 meters.

Its exceptional performance allows to increase production, to improve the quality of the finished products while increasing the safety and comfort of the machine users. Indeed, this equipment actively participates in : :

  • The suppression of dust, parasitic elements, attraction or sticking phenomena, electrostatic charges and slamming phenomena.
  • Cooling of moulded or injected products

When to use the Ecoflow air knive :

  • Plastics industry: extrusion, injection, machining, printing, moulding, winding
  • The glass industry: laminating, screen printing
  • The textile industry: carding, flaming, winding
  • The food/pharmaceutical industry: packaging, conditioning
  • The automotive industry: dusting before painting or assembly
  • The paper industry: treatment before printing


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