Custom-made ionizing dedusting and cleaning system for plastic films, cardboards

Large widths


Made to measure, the ECOVAC 7 custom-made ionizing dust collector is designed for the cleaning of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, fabric. These materials are mostly in the form of plates, sheets, strips..

In order to achieve optimum dust removal from the support, it is imperative to implement three inseparable actions:

  • A mechanical action for the separation of the particles from the substrate

The mechanical action provided by a
squeegee (or brush)
placed at the inlet of the dust collector. It lifts the particles from the film, causing their electrostatic charges to appear.

  • Ionisation of the air to eliminate electrostatic attraction

Ionizing dust removal systems provide particularly effective removal of unwanted elements that deposit on the surface of dielectric materials. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and fabric are by their nature particularly exposed to the phenomena of attraction and sticking due to the accumulation of electrostatic charges caused by friction. They cannot be freed of parasitic elements by simple brushing or vacuuming. The brushes, creating additional electrostatic charges by friction, reinforce the sticking phenomenon and make dusting impossible.

  • Suction to remove harmful particles, which are then captured in a filter

On the ECOVAC 7, the ionization tips are connected to the high-voltage source by a capacitive device, thus limiting the current to a few micro-amperes. These devices are therefore not dangerous if the operator comes into contact with the live tips.


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