Custom-made ionizing dedusting and cleaning system for plastic films, cardboards

Suction of foreign bodies up to 7 mm


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Made to measure, the ECOVAC 6 ionising dust collector removes pollutants up to 7 mm in diameter. This dust collector is used to remove « foreign bodies » such as glass or plastic splinters..

In order to achieve optimum dust removal from a film, it is imperative to implement three inseparable actions:

  • A mechanical force for the separation of the particles from the substrate
  • Air ionization for the elimination of electrostatic attraction
  • A suction for the evacuation of particles

The mechanical action provided by a squeegee placed in the centre of the suction slots lifts the particles from the film, causing their electrostatic charge to appear. Its central position, between the suction slots, guarantees optimum dust removal quality.

The ionisation of the air eliminates the phenomenon of electrostatic sticking. In the ECOVAC 6 ionizing dust collector, the ionizing tips are connected to a high-voltage generator of the range. These units are therefore safe if the operator comes into contact with the live tips.

The ECOVAC 6 has two suction slots, one of 7mm which allows the largest particles to be collected and one of 4mm. These slots are located on either side of the squeegee, allowing the capture of particles that accumulate before and after the squeegee.

The ECOVAC 6 ionising dust collector responds:

  • To the strictest specifications
  • Integrates the notions of good practices in terms of hygiene and safety in the food and pharmaceutical industries: assembled without screws or dismountable parts (no loss of spare parts)
  • The environmental constraints of the agri-food or pharmaceutical industries


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