Double-sided custom-made ionizing dedusting system for paper, cardboard

No contact possible


Specially designed for simultaneous dust removal from both sides of a material, ECOVAC 21 is the ideal product for cleaning strip materials (plastic films, etc.) where contact with the surface is not possible. It is custom-built so that it can be integrated into your production line.


  • Two rollers at the infeed and outfeed ensure the guidance of the belt
  • Its jaw-shaped design facilitates belt passage operations
  • Two blowing tubes allow the suspension of dust
  • Two capacitive electrodes type ECA 88 B, arranged in front of the two suction slots, make up the ionizing device.
  • The thermally painted 15/10 sheet steel construction guarantees excellent rigidity and high protection against contamination and corrosion.
  • A high-voltage generator and a suction unit complete the system.
  • The suction unit is dimensioned according to the working width.

On the ECOVAC 21, the ionisation tips are connected to the high-voltage source via a capacitive device, thus limiting the current to a few microamperes. This limits the current to a few microamperes. This means that these units are safe if the operator comes into contact with the live tips.


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