Custom-made ionizing dedusting and cleaning system for caps

Plastic or cork for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, etc.


The ECOVAC CAPS ionizing dedusting system is designed to clean plastic (PET, polypropylene, etc.) or cork caps of all sizes. The caps will be cleaned of all microplastics present before the corking of the bottles, flasks.

The suction box is custom-made to fit perfectly the conveyor and the size of the caps.

In order to achieve optimum dust removal, it is imperative to implement three inseparable actions:

  • UA mechanical force, provided by blowing tubes, allows to lift the particles from their support by making their electrostatic charge appear.
  • An ionization of the air to eliminate the electrostatic attraction (sticking phenomenon)
  • A custom-designed suction system to evacuate the particles

In order not to cut the conveyor, we have foreseen an opening and closing system allowing an easy installation and maintenance.


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anti-static air gun
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