Custom-made ionizing dedusting and cleaning system for webs or sheets

For the wood, plastic and cardboard industries


Made to measure, the ECOVAC BR (Rotating Brush) ionizing dedusting system is used to clean materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and wood. These materials are usually in the form of strips, sheets or panels.

In order to achieve optimum dust removal, it is imperative to implement three inseparable actions:

  • A mechanical force, provided by the rotating brush, allows to lift the particles from the plate by making their electrostatic charge appear.
  • An ionization of the air to eliminate the electrostatic attraction (sticking phenomenon)
  • A custom-designed suction system to remove the particles

Example of application:

In the wood industry, after the cutting or sawing stage, some dusts or chips remain attached by electrostatic phenomenon on the wooden plates.



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