Ionized air blowers


soufflerie antistatique ecoblower

The ECOBLOWER 351-C ionised air blower is designed to neutralize electrostatic charges on the surface of materials..

The three antistatic bars integrated in the unit generate a powerful and effective ion release. Thanks to the integrated fan, the ECOBLOWER 351-C creates a homogeneous diffusion of ions towards the product to be treated and is effective up to two metres away.. The treated surface at this distance corresponds to an area of 1000 x 600 mm.

The blowing power, optimized by a variator, allows to treat :

  • Flat materials in scrolling motion
  • Plastic film during winding or unwinding phases
  • Shaped parts coming out of the injection moulding machine
  • Electrostatic charges in a handling area avoiding electric shocks felt by operators

The high-voltage generator is directly integrated into the equipment.

The air flow adjustment allows an adjustment according to the distance between the material to be treated and the equipment. The equipment is available in a stainless steel version.



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