Ionized air blowers


soufflerie antistatique

The Ecoblower 252 has a sturdy housing made of lacquered sheet steel with a tangential fan leading to a large discharge nozzle. This nozzle incorporates 2 powerful ionizing capacitive bars. The swivelling mounting bracket makes it easy to install on site. In addition, the blowing power is adjusted by means of a variable speed drive.

The combination of the 2 capacitive ionizing elements results in a powerful and efficient ion release. In addition, the addition of the integrated tangential fan creates a homogeneous ion diffusion, which can eliminate electrostatic charges on products at distances ≤1 m..


  • Very small footprint
  • Large ionization spectrum
  • Variable blowing power and distance
  • High product speed
  • Reduced discharge time
  • Treatment of small and medium surfaces
  • Easy implementation
  • Integrated high-voltage generator

This compact device is particularly effective in the processing of materials such as paper, textiles, plastics, etc., during extrusion, injection, demoulding, winding, and scrolling operations.


Treatment of parts before painting, removal of charges from coils or plastic parts, etc…

The ionization spectrum of this device makes it possible to reach hard-to-reach places and to treat large volumes at low cost, without the need for a large number of electrodes.



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