Suction and filter systems

DAC 500

The DAC 500 is a compact suction and filtration system. It combines the following 3 elements in a compact enclosure:

  • A suction system
  • A filter assembly
  • A high-voltage generator

It is built around a centrifugal fan set in rotation by an electric motor. The polluted air is sucked in from the top of the unit. This air passes through a pre-filter designed to collect the largest particles. After this stage, a high-efficiency multi-dihedral filter stops the finer particles, thus limiting emissions into the ambient air.

The DAC 500 suction and filtering system is designed exclusively for the suction and filtration of dry dust, without the presence of moisture or explosive dust such as aluminium, titanium or other hazardous products.

It has a high voltage power supply at the bottom for the anti-static bars mounted in the ECOVAC type ionising dust collectors.



double-sided ionizing dusting
3D ionizing dust removal tube bottle